Who, What and WEAR

YOUTHEARY KHMER? (yut-terri-come-air)
Youtheary Khmer is an innovative, contemporary collection of woman’s ready to wear curvy clothing. Youtheary Khmer wants every woman to love her curves and can feel beautiful just walking down the street. Our mission is to design custom, effortless looks by providing well-made, high quality clothing that is flattering and trendy.




Theary Sim is a sought after fashion designer, model and philanthropist. Her love for fashion was amplified and honed as a celebrity wardrobe stylist.  Theary Sim developed custom garments for clients that wanted something more creative outside of the retail market. Launching Youtheary Khmer, Theary new that behind the seams is where she wanted to be, with the high demand in the curvy community, she knew that she had to be a part of that movement. 


“I get some much joy seeing a woman wear one of my designs. I put my heart and soul into creating more than just a pretty dress, but being a part of making someone feel beautiful. Their pain, struggle and sacrifice, is my pain, struggle and sacrifice. Seeing someone else smile, let’s me know this is my destiny. This is my gift to you. From one curvy girl, to another”

– Theary Sim